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11.07.2019 – Special report. A tornado is brewing over Wall Street: The arrest of shady billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for abuse and prostitution of minors could make the Watergate scandal look like a mild breeze. And sweep half of Washington away. Can Epstein overthrow US President Donald Trump? Or will the affair destroy the Democrats? We are looking at possible consequences for the stock market.

Orgies with very young girls

Epstein had been arrested on Saturday. Previously, investigators had felted his Manhattan estate and confiscated nude photos. The New York prosecutor’s office accuses the financial advisor, who specializes in billionaires, of trafficking in sexual activities and the conspiracy to commit this trade. He talks about orgies with dozens of young girls in villas in New York, Florida, on the Caribbean private island Little St. James and on board his private jet; nickname: “Lolita Express”. The ex-Bear Stearns banker rejected all allegations. Maybe he’ll unpack to secure a deal. Which will probably destroy some of the greats of high society. Bill Clinton and Donald Trump belonged to the former circle of Epstein.

Three possible stock market scenarios

If the investigation reveals that 1) Trump belonged to or knew about the pedophile ring, then he is history. Impeachment is not excluded. Dow Jones, S&P 500 and co. might dive down violently. Trump, as a Republican, is traditionally business-friendly and stands for low taxes. It’s not for nothing that Wall Street has just broken new records. In addition, the Chinese will sit out the current customs dispute and wait for a new president if the worst comes to the worst.

If, on the other hand, 2) the Democrats around Bill Clinton were deeply entangled in the sex swamp, then Trump can celebrate the re-election and also conquer Congress. In this case, Wall Street should cheer. A middle course is also possible: 3) All are damaged, but the matter is settled quietly. E.g. because Epstein is silent in return for a lax punishment or maybe suddenly and unexpectedly dies. As macabre as that may be, it would be neutral for the stock market.

The old case is reopened

The current arrest reopens a case from 2008. The prosecutor in Florida at this time and current labor minister Alexander Acosta once negotiated a dubious deal. Due to the out-of-court settlement, which had been sealed so far, Epstein received an 18-month prison sentence for buying prostitution and was released after 13 months. He was spared proceedings before a federal court. In addition, there was daily release, as research by the “Miami Herald” showed. However, the New York public prosecutor’s office does not feel bound by the 2008 deal, as it must be made possible for the then victims to bring Epstein to justice.

Trump in focus

Immediately a quote from Trump in “New York Magazine” in 2002 moved into the media focus: “I have known Jeff for 15 years. A fantastic guy. You can have a lot of fun with him. It’s even said of him that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are younger ages. No question – Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” “Spiegel Online” also attracted another from 2016, Trump was sued by a woman for raping her at the age of 13 in Epstein’s New York villa. Trump denied the accusations, the woman later withdrew her because, according to her lawyer, she had received death threats.”

What is rarely mentioned is the fact that Trump once threw Epstein out of his golf club Mar-e-Lago because he threw himself at a minor girl. This is proven by the police files in Palm Beach. Trump also apparently broke off contact when the unappetizing details about Epstein were boiling up after 2008. Furthermore, even the Trump-critical website Vice.com could not establish a close connection between the two, as it had to admit after drilling the Washington Times. Vice.com had reported social contacts with Trump in January 2016, including dinner parties and two flights. According to the Radar publication, Trump was one of dozens from New York’s high society who maintained contact with Epstein. Trump was also the only one who, according to Bradley Edwards himself, helped Florida attorney Bradley Edwards deal with a young woman’s indictment in 2018.

Little Black Book

Meanwhile, reports about Epstein’s address book are circulating again; a former employee named Alfredo Rodriguez had stolen the “Little Black Book” and tried to sell it for 50,000 dollars in 2009. Which earned him a conviction for obstruction of justice. As life goes, Rodriguez died behind bars after 18 months. In the book that was leaked to the “Gawker”, according to an article from 2015, there were hundreds of names with well-known personalities and presumed victims. And about 50 names had been encircled by Rodriguez. Besides Ehud Barak and Tony Blair also Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

Democrats in the Sex Swamp

The “New York Post” wrote in 2016 that according to the logbooks of his orgy plane Bill Clinton, had been on board exactly 26 times between 2001 and 2003 alone. He is also said to have been a guest on the private sex island of Epstein. In 2006, Epstein is said to have donated 25,000 dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton had recently asserted that he had flown only four times with Epstein and that he had not talked to Epstein for more than ten years.

The research work of the republican journalist Anne Coulter also makes other democrats and the media look bad. According to this, it was above all the public prosecutor Barry Krischer, who acted on the Democrats’ ticket, who choked off the case after investigations had been ongoing since 2005. Which led to an angry open letter from Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter, who also addressed George W. Bush’s administration directly. The only activated Acosta in the context of a federal investigation – and Acosta has finally reached a pursuit, even if only the lazy deal, as Coulter judges. In addition, the democratic Palm Beach County had helped Epstein to an open arrest.

According to Coulter, all this was reported by Fox News and the Washington Times, but not by MSNBC or CNN. No wonder, Epstein was apparently above all a supporter of the Democrats. According to Coulter, Epstein is said to have transferred a total of 145,000 dollars to Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer, today’s Democratic faction leader in the US Senate. According to Coulter, Ron Burkle, a billion-dollar investor and financier of the Democratic Party, also flew aboard the “Lolita Express”.

Furthermore, the address book already mentioned should contain the names of dignitaries and supporters of the Democrats. For example, the former governor of New Mexico, Bruce King. Dito the likewise former governor of New Mexico and former democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson. And also Peter Soros, the nephew of billionaire George Soros. But also billionaire Leslie Wexner, close business partner of Epstein, as well as supporters of the Republicans Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.

Deep State at Work?

The case may have an unprecedented political component. The Daily Beast blog just reported that Acosta was whistled back in his investigations before 2008: Epstein is outside his pay grade and belonged to the secret service (“belonged to intelligence”), Acosta admitted in interviews about his appointment as White House Labour Minister. Anne Coulter also thinks in this direction. She told the radio station 790 KABC that Epstein was only the frontman of a powerful network. Epstein wanted the girls to tell him about the preferences of his guests. So there is blackmail in the room. The latest rumour: nobody on Wall Street really knows how Epstein got rich. By the way, the British “Mirror” reported as early as January 2015 that Prince Andrew had been secretly filmed having sex with a minor in an Epstein estate.

Despite the possible existence of incriminating material, Epstein was apparently dropped. Or the public prosecutor’s office of the Southern District of New York is stepping on the feet of extremely powerful people. The case is also monitored by the Public Corruption Unit according to the Daily Mail. Which could mean that in the Sweetheart deal of 2008 or in the time in between not everything was right.

So get your own picture of what’s going on here and which stock market scenario will be the most likely – and get ready. The Bernstein Bank wishes you successful investments despite this unappetizing affair!

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