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13.08.2019 – Special report. So now he’s dead – pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein was found hanged in his Manhattan cell on Saturday. However, the potential state crisis continues to smoulder, it has by no means left with the mysterious death. And this also has to interest CFD traders. Because the election of the US president has always moved Wall Street.

Potential consequences for the financial market

The fact that national policy influences share prices, dollars or treasuries is particularly true in the case of Donald Trump: the White House is taking on protectionism from China. Not to mention India and the European Union. The recent turn in the sex scandal with the death of Epstein could decide the election in favour of Trump. After all, the pendulum against the leading grandees of the democratic party has finally been broken. But one thing at a time.

Murder or suicide?

On Saturday morning, Epstein, who was once well connected in the highest political circles, was found hanged in his cell in the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Lower Manhattan. In our first special report on the matter, we had already suspected that Epstein’s life expectancy was rather short.
Death raises some questions. What did Epstein hang himself with? Both the prisoners’ clothing and bed linen are made of lightly tearing, thin fabric. According to the New York Post (NYP), there are cameras in Epstein’s wings – but they don’t film into the cells. Why? Especially since Epstein, according to NYP, was housed in the high security wing, the Special Housing Unit. According to Reuters, the guards had ignored the mandatory half-hour surveillance interval for the most politically dangerous prisoner in the United States on Saturday night. Why? Furthermore, the 24/7 “Suicide Watch” was lifted at the end of July. Why? Three weeks ago Epstein had already been found almost unconscious with injuries to his neck. And “” wrote with reference to an insider that the normally quite reserved Epstein had been in good spirits recently. However, he had reported that there were signs that someone was trying to kill him.

Democrats, presidents and a well-known prime minister

In view of this fear, it is worth taking a look at the momentum of documents from a lawsuit that was closed in 2017 that was unsealed before the weekend. In 2015, a woman named Virginia Roberts Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s matchmaker “Madam” Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is said to have procured Giuffre and other minor girls for the various orgies. Giuffre claims that she had to sleep with several high-ranking personalities. Among them the British prince Andrew. And especially explosive: Also with the former senator George Mitchell (democrat from Maine) and the former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson (democrat). All deny it. This important plaintiff also exonerated Trump: He never took part in sex parties and did not flirt with her.

And even more explosive: Giuffre had not only been forced to have sex with prominent American politicians and powerful businesse executives – but also with foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister and other world leaders. These are the documents published by the financial blog “ZeroHedge” with a link to the busy journalist Adam Klasfeld.

Heads must roll

After Epstein’s death in the cell, the FBI has now initiated an investigation. The lawyers of the abused victims announced that they were only at the beginning – now the estate of Epstein is to be divided in order to atone for his deeds with money. The Republicans have licked blood: “Heads must roll,” demanded Ben Sasse, senator from Nebraska and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The American media are digging hard – this could be the scandal of the century. And even if the Journaille in this country in the usual Anti-Trump-Reflex dismiss his Twitter message concerning a possible connection to Bill Clinton as a conspiracy theory, it is worth taking a look at exactly this track.
The Death List
As early as 2016, CBS Las Vegas published a death list with almost 50 names from the environment of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Among them are politicians, colleagues – and eleven bodyguards alone. All people who either knew something about the Whitewater real estate scandal, the various rape charges against Bill or the e-mail scandal in the Democratic Party around Hillary. Plane crashes, car accidents, suicides, unsolved murders.

Goals against the Democrats

This currently results in a strong imbalance on the Democratic side. If this continues, it could lead to the Democrats being destroyed in the presidential election and also in Congress. Donald Trump, on the other hand, scored points: even the left-wing Washington Post has now admitted that the friendship between Trump and Epstein broke after a dispute over a real estate deal in 2004. And thus even before the first sex revelations against Epstein in 2005, with which Trump could loosely govern in matters of border fences to Mexico, taxes, Iran, customs disputes with China etc.. Which speaks for a business-friendly policy and a strong bull market on Wall Street. But let’s wait and see.

Is Trump involved?

Of course, you never know what dirt will come to light when it comes to Trump. Among other things, the website “” reported as early as 2016 that 15 girls had reported sexual assault. A 13-year-old girl had claimed that she had been raped by the current president as a 13-year-old on an orgy. When the woman with the pseudonym “Katie Johnson” and “Jane Doe” was supposed to speak at a press conference of lawyer Lisa Bloom, however, she missed the appointment. Then she dropped the charges – and reported that she had received death threats. Further, in 1997 a woman named Jill Harth Trump accused (sex assault) of sexual assault, but dropped the charges even though she upheld the allegations.

The political thriller continues

So pick who’s dirty around here. There’s a battle raging on Twitter between TrumpBodyCount and ClintonBodyCount.
Anyway, we suspect that some interesting news will boil up in this political thriller in the coming weeks. And we are very worried about the health of Madam Maxwell and especially about the pilots from Epstein’s private jet, the “Lolita Express”. They know best who flew to paedophile orgies exactly when. According to the website “Gawker” Bill Clinton is said to have flown the jet more than 20 times, he denies that and only talks about a handful of flights accompanied by his security.
So keep an eye on this unappetizing affair – whether you’re involved in online stock trading or CFD!

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