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Trade and invest in the financial markets with ease.

Trading Account

With the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform by MetaQuotes, we are providing you with the most popular live trading software for CFD and forex trading free of charge.

Intuitive user interface

The MetaTrader is one of the most advanced online trading platforms in the area of CFD and currency trading. This is not only reflected in its extensive range of functions but also in its intuitive user interface.

Even newcomers thus have the options of quickly becoming familiar with the available functions while relying on a powerful software for trade finance. The MetaTrader 4 is available for you free of charge.

Powerful features

The MetaTrader continuously provides you with real-time rates and real-time charts for CFDs and foreign exchange rates that will assist you in live trading. You are informed of wins and losses in real time. You can perform chart analyses, place orders or manage open items with just a few clicks.

MT4 also offers you advanced possibilities so that you can develop and apply indicators.

System compatibility and mobile trading

The MetaTrader 4 runs on all Windows PCs, installed locally or on any other operating systems, using a current browser.

By providing you with the IOS and Android MetaTrader App for your smartphone or tablet free of charge, you have the option of accessing your trading account any time you are underway. This allows you to always have control of your account and you are no longer tied to your PC at home or at another location. This makes trading more accessible for any trader online.

Your benefits at one glance

  • User-friendly online trading platform
  • Chart analysis
  • Indicators
  • Variety of order options
  • Worldwide community available to share experiences and knowledge

Bernstein Bank MetaTrader 4

For desktop, mobile and tablet use

Live-Account Demo-Account

Premium Tools

МТ4 Turbo Package

You want more performance for the MT4 platform? Our MT4-Turbo-Package is the solution. Be at eye level with the professionals: more than ten additional trading and research features provide you with technological framework conditions that were previously only available to renowned trade addresses. Our MT4-Turbos bring even more efficiency and transparency into your trading day. Find out more now:

More Details
  • Market Manager & Alarm Manager
  • Correlation Trader & Correlation Matrix
  • Stealth Orders & Excel RTD
  • Trade Terminal & Mini Terminal
  • Sentiment Trader & Session Map
  • Tick Chart Trader


“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. Technology is the mother of civilisation, the arts and of sciences.”

— Freeman Dyson

The digitalisation, networking and continuing increase in performance of computer capacities accelerate technological progress in an exponential manner. Our challenge exists in actually shaping the continuous transformation and to offer our clients innovative and technological “state-of-the-art” solutions in trade finance.

In working together with our technology partners, we have set new unparalleled standards in configuring our infrastructure. Our trading server is located in the Equinix LD4 Data Centre at the London Stock Exchange, i.e. in the heart of international currency trading. We provide our clients with a robust and stable trading platform for their live trading needs. As a result, faster order execution times and lower latencies are guaranteed. We thus provide you with the technological prerequisites for your trading success.


As a private and business customer of Bernstein Bank, you deposit your funds into segregated trust omnibus accounts with an EU-regulated global systemically important bank-(so-called G-SIB).

Bernstein Bank is affiliated with the Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies (EdW).

Managed Accounts

A “managed account” is defined as an account professionally traded by an asset manager in your name.

The investment form in line with a managed account only differs from that of a bank account in its expanded function that was optimised for direct trading in the financial market.

No other type of investment offers such benefits when it comes to liquidity or transparency. Payments and disbursements are possible at any time and allow the client to make short-term decisions.

The transparency offers the protection that a client wants in today’s world. Either on-line or by e-mail, an investor can always receive information on the current account status and live trading activities.